Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Music

*I had to re-write this damned post 5 times cause my browser kept freezing*

Summer is the time where your iPods gets it's money's worth of playing, constant and nonstop untill your ears start buzzing when you finally turn in off. Anyway, there were a few songs with great beats and catchy lyrics that in my book qualify to be called "Summer Hits", here are my favorites:

Even though Adam looks like he just jumped out of Grease and is getting his ass kicked throughout the whole video -which makes you believe he's immortal... and has a thing for S&M, but who am I to judge? To each their own right?- the song is catchy, gets stuck pretty fast and the video is just funny which is always a plus.

Ok, probably the song starts off a little weak, but once the marching band beats kick in, it gives it a little hiphop feeling, which is different, likable and enjoyable, and honestly who doesn't like One Republic?

Is it me or is David Guetta becoming the white Dr. Dre?! He's in every single hit right now -which is a good thing, I love David.

Btw, speaking of Dre, anyone noticed the product placement stunt in the first 2 videos where the band is wearing "Beats by Dre" headphones?

Judge all you want but I'll listen to anything with Will. I . Am... the song isn't half bad

Now, on a lighter note, something softer

Owl city's music is just... sweet, there isn't any other words to describe it, it makes you sigh and plaster a dopey smile on your face through the whole thing.

He sounds a lot like Justin doesn't he?

And we'll finish with Enrique, there's a reason it's at the end... it ranks at the bottom of my list lol

The chorus just kills the song other than that it gets like 7/10

To be continued when I find more songs, till then, enjoy ;)

Off the record:

What's playing on your iPod right now?

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