Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smells like nostalgia !!

If you know me, you probably know that I usually get these random "blast from the past" moments, where you just sit and think about your childhood, pondering what went wrong.... and 10 minutes later you're playing your Sega, what? That's just me?

Well all jokes aside, growing up in the 90s had to be one of the best things a child could experience, I truly feel sorry for kids nowadays for missing out on their childhoods, we were fortunate enough to live it out, back when there was no internet, no cellphones, laptop computers were a luxury not a necessity and the word "fat" was spelled with a "ph"

Back when we actually learned something from cartoons and the stories were actually good - I learned a lot of random information from Animaniacs- you know what? Let me rephrase, back when cartoons were worth watching! When it didn't revolve around violence, futuristic bullshit and ... nonsense, you know what I mean, because you used to get up early to watch your favorite cartoons as well, am I right?

Getting up early to watch Mr. Bogus, Pink Panther, The Three Stooges, old plain Disney cartoons, Zaina, Lady, The Woody Woodpecker Show and in later years, Spongebob -most of us still watch it and we're proud, viva la squarepants!- Cat Dog, Hey Arnold! Rugrats, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain, Freakazoid, Power Rangers -I hate to admit watching it- Chip N'Dale Rescue Rangers, Pepper Ann... seriously I can go on forever, but you got my point.

Oh one more thing, whenever this was on TV, I would literally drop whatever I was doing to go watch it, it took me a while to remember the name of the show but here it is, yes I know you're thinking I'm a pervert, I just find it funny how they just cut at 1:17 yet we never asked, "what the hell just happened?"... I'm pretty sure our parents were grateful we didn't as well.

So, here are some TV shows, I really miss, and I know some -most- of you must as well

Feel free, to check out parts 2 and 3, gotta love Will Smith when he was skinny, goofy and yes I hate to admit it, but I can do the carlton, there I said it! My biggest embarrassment is on here for your entertainment, happy I hope?

Other great shows from the 90s

MartinSaved by The Bell, less known show Student Bodies, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, بنك المعلومات Home Improvement Boy Meets World Full HouseBrotherly Love, Telematch  The Crystal Maze  Takeshi's Castle الحصن

Now that we're done with that, on to the music/fashion... cause as kids for some reason we drew our fashion inspiration from music videos... now we all know what a bad idea it was.

Fashion Fads:

1- Tightrolled Jeans

2- Neons, lots and lots of... neons:

3- Overalls... nuff said

4- Baggy Jeans and plaid shirts:

I can still go on about the crazy hair, light up shoes, jean jackets, clogs... etc, but again, I guess you got the picture.

Music on the other hand, was actually FUN, the lyrics were about having a good time, they made you wanna dance,look me in the eye and tell me you didn't dance to MC Hammer's Can't Touch this or the Macarena... thought so!

Remember the boy band craze? Remember how everyone told us that they were gay and we didn't believe them?... They had a point, right now I bet you're recalling N'Sync's songs, imagining Justin with hair or whatever, probably youtubing The Spice Girls or trying to remember the "Justin/Britney" relationship part of your life.... yes when I say "part" I mean it, you know you talked about it.

You also remember watching movies like Home Alone, Richie Rich -didn't we all wish for that McDonalds at home?- Beetlejuice, The Adams Family, Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda, Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, Jumanji, Scream -when you were allowed to- Toy Story when it first came out, A bug's life, AntZ... actually you remember when 3D animation was actually a BIG deal! 

Speaking of toys, remember these? 

Water guns ROCKED!!


I could seriously keep on rambling nonstop, it's just lately I've been missing my childhood so bad and feeling sorry for kids nowadays growing up without experiencing what we did... childhood, it's like they're jumping straight to adolescence, they lost their innocence. 

Off The Record:

What's your favorite 90s memory?


  1. are u kidding the whole 90s is one big ass fav memory ,, YES we used to know how to play ... waterballoon fights ,,water guns the sega ,,, super mario ... my lunch box had aladin and jazmine on it,,, and the tv was captivating back then with all what u have mentioned plus the crystal maze and the old disney cartoons ..the music was the best ,,, i have a 0laylist in my ipod tht has strictly 90s barbie gurl ,,, u cant touch this :P
    if it was funky it s there ... regarding the fashion i knw modern me wouldnt b cought dead in what we used to wear back then but god damn it if going to the galeria center in the overalls wearing blue circle shaped sunglasses wasnt the coolest look back then !!!

  2. You still have your sega? LOL. Ahh the good old days. LOVE. Except the fashion. Err I think the 90s was the worst thing that EVER happened to fashion. Thank God we are over it!