Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Losing it!

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, been a little busy with Ramadan, who am I kidding all they do in Ramadan is drag you from one household to another and force feed you pounds of greasy food until you barf... or maybe that's how mine's been, other than that quite lovely really.

So, lately I've been feeling a little.. brain fog, I'm losing my ability to remember things correctly, I can't find my stuff for the sake of me and for the love of God I'm losing my spelling ability -I actually misspelled "restaurant" twice today... "business" and a few other easy words!!

Of course you know me, I jumped into conclusions, started looking up types of Agraphia, googled symptoms, run a few tests... yes, spoken like a true hypochondriac med-student, I'd make the people in the psych ward proud and I didn't mean the doctors.

So before I lose my mind completely -I'm soooo tempted to run a brain MRI, I would stay in there for 45 minutes without a problem- and start diagnosing myself with different disorders, I have 4 in mind so far...ehm. Anyway, before any impromptu visits to the neurologist, sleep medicine, radiology or psychiatry department, the somewhat sane part of me suggested that probably the over usage of internet, keyboards and spellchecks had made me way too dependent and is making me lose it, just how we can't do mental math anymore cause we have calculators now.

So, here's what I'm gonna do, ladies and gentlemen I present to you,

The Mind Modifier Challenge 

Starting September 25th 2010 - Ending September 25th 2011


1- To read one book per-week = total of 52 books in a year

*Books should not be any less than 250 pages, collective book pages is OK (adding multiple book pages to measure up to the 250 goal, or spreading out a 1500 page book over 6 weeks.. you get the picture)

2- To master quick mental math trick per week, will be posting those

3- To solve a weekly Analytical puzzle, I'll be posting it for you guys as well, once I solve it =)

4- To buy and put together an actual puzzle every month -will upload pictures of that as well

Hopefully, in a few month my rusty brain will be functioning the way it's supposed to once again!! Wish me luck.

Off The Record: 
How often do you suffer from the occasional... "brain cramp"?