Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wake me up before you Go Go!

Now if you're clicking thinking this post is about Wham, I suggest you click that "return" button right now, it won't take long... I can wait.

For those of you who actually wanna know what this is about, it's about something I would like to call, "the fire alarm curse".

You see, for over 15 years my family and I suffered the same thing every Summer; no matter WHERE we stay in, the fire alarm HAS to go on and it's NEVER ok to just wait it out, you have to evacuate being it real, a false alarm or even a system malfunction as they call it.

My Summer 2010 is about 10 days away from ending and I was hoping to break the damned curse! But I guess that's not happening cause tonight at exactly 1:06 the familiar haunting sound of sirens and flashing lights -if you close your eyes tight enough you'll think you're in a KISS concert- went off once again.

Here's the problem, being fooled by the same thing for over 15 years you lose the will to listen to the sirens any more, you're pretty much sure it's nothing, so getting people out of bed was kind of the hardest part.

Me: alarm's on, you think it's fake?
"Plural -pretty sleepy- yes"
Me: are we gonna go downstairs?
Dad: call the reception, check if something's up and that they're not running a test
Me: why do I have to do it?
Mom: you're the only one whose out of bed

---- I call the reception and they say they have no idea what's going on in our building and they're sending a security team to check it out----

Me: we have to evacuate
Bro: you guys go ahead, I'll sleep *mind you the alarm is still on*
Mom: you're coming with us
Sis: should I change?
Mom: what you're wearing is fine we'll be back up in a few minutes
Sis: should I wake my son? *the fact he didn't wake up in the first place still amazes me*
Mom: just carry him and we'll get going

So we go down 3 flights of stairs and my sis goes off cradling her son back to sleep -he got a little startled while she was going down the stairs- and mom goes into a little hysteric moment when she sees the fire engines coming with my brother still upstairs, she asks me to call him... yes the only thing I took down with me was not the room key but my blackberry, go figure. So, I call him and I kept getting rejected until I see him coming down the stairs with the car key in his hand where we spend the next half hour.

My thoughts in those 30 minutes? Please read on:

1- I like her pajamas
2- Dude, put on a shirt
3- Bunny slippers!!
4- Someone can actually pull off the bed head look and look decent, congratulations
5- Why in the world are you wearing a swimming suit at 1 am? You're going for a midnight dip in the lake by the golf course?!
6- The only thing you managed to save in case of a fire was your Goofy hat?

Yes I know, I seem very shallow, but experience taught me you don't go down in an emergency unless you're fully dressed and you look half decent, vanity comes first I guess? I took the time to find a hair tie, my shoes, unwrap a newly bought fleece robe, took a bottle of water and went down stairs... yes pretty ignorant you may say, I call it tolerance.

I have been through hurricane alarms, fire alarms, flood alarms...etc, and for some reason it seems that these situations lost their edge, I would probably be TOO calm.

So back to the story, at about 1:33 everything was clearing out, one of the firemen told us that it was s "system malfunction" a.k.a some kids set off the alarm.

Note to parents: your kids should be sound asleep by 1:00 am, let alone be INSIDE your apartment, not running around the building, you want me to call the CPS on your asses on claims of neglect? That'll teach you to lock your kids in!

So, the setting is all cleared up and people are filing up the stairs and the damned thing goes off again! This is when I suspected it'll be a long long night.... Thankfully though, it didn't go off for the third time or seriously someone would've been hurt, mess with a girl but not with her beauty sleep, mmkay?

So I guess I'm doomed to alarms, do I think it'll stop? No, does it bother me? Meh, it kinda grown on me, I don't mind anymore...

Off the Record: What's the worst experience you've had with a fire alarm?


  1. LOL I would like to meet no.4 :P

    The fire alarm in our house used to go on without a reason so I have developed tolerance to it too. Though I still freak out when it's elsewhere. Witnessed a couple of fires in my life time. Some were scary, some were blah LOL.

  2. that is so depressing :\... and 8ameee2.. :\

  3. Out of all 4 posts u comment on this one? Read the first and last 1

  4. LOL i love your style ya 7orma. i meant al e7sas y3awer al galb.. ok ok let me go check ze ozers.

    p.s. please remove the word verification thing... thanks :D