Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top 15 Childhood Movies I'm Sure You've Missed

So, I'm back, haven't blogged in a while, didn't really feel like blogging and I can't sleep so I thought I could do a movie review, the best childhood movies -assuming you grew up in the 90s as well- so here's my list:

15 - The Grinch (2000):

I don't know why, but I was siding with the Grinch almost the entire movie...

14- Dennis The Menace (1993):

 13- Ghost Busters (1984):

12- The Goonies (1985):

11- James and The Giant Peach (1996):

I loved the book and I love the movie

10- Jumanji (1995):

9- Mrs. Doubtfire (1993):

8- George Of The Jungle (1997):

7- Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988):

6- Toy Story (1995):

5- Home Alone (1990):

4- Space Jam (1996):

3- The Mask (1994):

2- Ace Ventura (1994): 

1- The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993):

If I keep posting, this list might grow to a 100, so I'll stop right there, they just don't make them like this anymore...*sigh*

Ok, I'm going back to bed, rant's over.

Off The Record:

What was your favorite movie growing up? You know, the one where you know all the lines by heart?...


  1. When you tweeted that you were writing a new post I knew it's about the 90s. 7altik 93bah.

    I watched Dennis The Menace a million times. I LOVED it so much and Jumanji was considered a scary movie LOL.
    I watched Mrs. Doubtfire with my siblings a million times EACH DAY when my parents were separated. It got us through hard times <3

    I loved all the movies you mentioned and you forgot Trading Mom. That was a good movie xD

  2. Dude.. This is funny. And in my case, I think ur title would be:
    “Top 15 Childhood movies I’m sure you’ve missed SOME.. or maybe NONE! “ lol
    let’s see what we have here:

    15.that green creature scared the hell out of me when I was a child and still do. So I missed it and I don’t think I would give it a try.

    14.I loved the cartoon. So when I saw the adv. For the movie, didn’t really grasp my attention and I thought it would be lame unlike the cartoon. So yeah.. I maybe missed this one too! :P

    13.IT WAS MY FAVORITE!!! ❤ I’ve seen all the parts. Used to scare me too. But not that much ;) I still remember it’s song, I can sing it to u if u want lol :P

    12.never known it is existed.. so I missed it.

    11.I remember such characters. Didn’t like their drawings.. missed it too.

    10.LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! I’ve never felt so excited so frightened so drawn into a movie in my childhood like I did with this movie.. I can watch it over n’ over again n’ never get bored xD

    9. Never seen it from the beginning, I loved though “thumb up” =)

    8.I’ve seen it, although I’ve never liked Tarzan. Didn’t like it .. too childish!

    7. seen a couple of scenes.. Hated the characters.. Didn’t like it .. never watched it !!

    6.MY FAVOURITE ANIMTION EVER EVER EVER OF ALLLLL TIMES!! I’ll make sure my children watch this one- f I had any. :p Although I wasn’t really a child when I saw the first part -which is my favorite btw- but I loved it .. I loved every thing bout it, specially the songs .. I can never get tired of re-watching it over n over n over ❤❤❤✌

    5.seen all the parts .. loved them all. Loved Macaulay Culkin too, he was so cute so talented when he was little. Don’t know what happened to him when he grew up. They say he got into weed business =(

    4.not one of my favorites, but I like it.

    3.I remember it was the first Jim Carrey movies that I’ve ever liked.. I loved it coz I like not being tight to be someone or do something specific. I loved when he used to turn to anything he ever wanted when he was wearing his mask.

    2.hated his appearance.. hated -n’ still hating- animals movies. So never got interested in watching it n’ never will.

    1.never heard of it !

    I think you forgot to mention Super Mario. and there are bunch of movies which I don’t know their names coz I was an illiterate child who couldn’t read nor speak English. It’s like what u said can grow to 100 .. let’s stick to 15. ;P

  3. oh I forgot Parents Trap. I love this movie very much . I think it's the best movie Lindsay Lohan ever done. =)

  4. I'm back but The Sound of the Music and The Wizards of Oz were definitely my favourite movies growing up <3

  5. LOL Cookie, dude you know it would be about the 90s, it's me, I'm having a hard time growing up... like that's ever gonna happen, I wanted to mention Mary Poppins bs nseet, as for the sound of music, liked it bs was never really a favorite, Maria kinda annoys me. The wizard of oz on the other hand... ma shofto kamel! wla marra fe 7yati!

    Ghada! Seriously?! You never watched the nightmare before christmas? I can easily recite the movie kamel iza tbi looool, you should check it out oh and I loved Parent Trap... LiLo before she became a crackhead...

  6. xD
    LOVE THEM!!! and I ALWAYS wanted to eat the giant peach! make peach scoops out of the inner walls using an ice cream scooper!! (yes, i had it all thought out as a kid)